Naväge Nasal Care. Avis produit. Trousse complète Naväge (Bleu Ciel)
Breath of fresh air
Just like the fresh breath feeling you get after brushing your teeth, the Navage Nasal Cleaner provides a deep nose/sinus clean that you would never get by blowing your nose.

You can simply use and clean the device in just a few minuets and add it to your morning/night routine.

The SaltPod® Capsules really help hydrate your nose as well, which really helps with dry air.

I would recommend the Eucalyptus SaltPods as they really add a burst of freshness and open up your airways. Original SaltPods are also good if a basic clean is preferred.

I experienced great customer service and prompt delivery. Highly recommend this product.
De: Marco | Date: 2021-06-09 18:58
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