Naväge Nasal Care. Travel Case – Paisley

Travel Case – Paisley


The Naväge Travel Case is designed to keep your Naväge Nasal Hygiene System safe and snug when you travel – and look great too! With enough space for the Nose Cleaner and a dozen SaltPods, you'll have everything you need for a weekend getaway or extended trip.

The hard case protects the SaltPods from bumps and bruises when you're on the go, and the soft interior keeps your Nose Cleaner from getting scratched in transit. The convenient handle makes it a cinch to grab and go!

Select travel case color (black, teal, or paisley):

Select Black Travel CaseTeal Travel Case SelectedSelect Paisley Travel Case

Delivery date: 3-7 days


Naväge Travel Case, Paisley.
Dimensions: 9" (w) x 7.75" (l) x 4.25" (h)

Please note that Naväge replacement parts and accessories may not be returned. This item is not returnable.

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