Naväge Nasal Care. Troubleshooting


1. Yikes, I’m getting salt water down the back of my throat!

The key to successful nasal irrigation is making your nasal cavity into a closed system. That’s what makes it possible for the rinse to go in one nostril and out the other — and not down your throat. Anatomy 101: Located at the back of the roof of your mouth (at the top of the throat) is a small area called the soft palate consisting of soft tissue and muscle. The soft palate blocks and separates the nasal cavity from the oral cavity. When the soft palate is closed, saline cannot go down the throat. For most people this happens naturally and automatically, but not for everyone. Here are some proven tips. Try them all; one will work for you.

• Relax. It’s really important. The more relaxed you are, the better and easier everything works. Nasal lavage is safe and effective and millions do it everyday. Be assured that just like them, you’ll master it, too! 
• Keep breathing through your mouth. This helps close the soft palate.
• While irrigating, say Ähh… Seriously: take a deep breath through your mouth and say/sing “ahh” just like you would for a doctor examining your throat. Then take another breath and sing it again!
• Reverse the direction of flow by rotating the nasal dock 180 degrees. The saline will flow in the opposite direction, and this can make a big difference depending on your unique anatomy.

2. The power button won’t push in – Tips for New Users

For the power button to push in, a new SaltPod capsule must be placed in the crushing chamber and the lid clicked shut. The device is designed to work only when loaded with a new, unused SaltPod. This is an important safety feature that reduces the risk of running plain, unsalted water through your nose to avoid the painful stinging that can cause. So this is critical: if you reopen the lid, the power button will no longer work with that particular SaltPod — even when you re-close the lid. The button will be mechanically locked out, and it cannot be pushed in. That’s why you can’t peek!

Rinsing Areas Image3. The power button won’t push in – Tips for Experienced Users

Rinse the device with hot water for at least 30 seconds in the three places marked A, B, and C (see image). This eliminates salt crystal buildup that can interfere with device operation. After rinsing, lift the Drain Pull (C) to verify that it is not stuck.

4. The button pushes in, but the pump doesn’t start.

Visually reconfirm that the batteries are installed in the correct direction inside the battery compartment. Fresh AA batteries should last at least 3 months if you use the device daily. 

5. My nose is completely blocked and I can’t breathe through either nostril. 

For nasal irrigation to work, there must be room in the nose for the rinse to
go in one nostril and come out the other. 100% blockage is rare, and nasal irrigation can help relieve even the most stuffed up sinus condition. If you are extremely congested, space is limited in the nasal cavity and irrigating will be slow at first. You may need to start and stop a few times to loosen the mucus and break up the congestion. We suggest the following tips when you're really stuffed up:

a. Irrigate for about 10 seconds; 
Gently blow your nose; 
c. Rotate the Nasal Dock 180° to reverse the flow, and irrigate in the opposite direction for about 10 seconds; 
d. Gently blow your nose and relax for a couple of minutes; 
e. Rotate the Nasal Dock 180° again; 
Repeat until the rinse begins to flow into the bottom tank. This repeated “back and forth” motion will help reduce congestion and allow the rinse to flow from one nostril to the other.  Persistence pays!

6. Still need help?

Instructional videos and additional tips are available at You can also email or call us at (800) 203-6400 during normal business hours. Our customer support reps are daily Naväge users themselves, and they are caring, knowledgeable, and eager to assist you. If none of these tips work, please call customer support – we can help! 

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