Countertop Caddy

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  • Custom-made for super convenience.
  • The perfect solution for having your Naväge Nose Cleaner always on hand.
  • Allows the device to air dry between uses.
  • Made of the same attractive, high-quality material as the Nose Cleaner.
  • Looks great on any vanity!

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Customer Reviews

41 Reviews

  • 5
    Happy Customer!

    Posted by Autumn on Jul 7th 2021

    I'm very happy I bought this. It keeps every organized and together. I no longer have parts spread out on the countertops to dry. Very sturdy.

  • 5
    The most important thing is quality

    Posted by Paul O'Connor on Jul 4th 2021

    I really like this item, I should have purchased it a while ago, but I'm glad I have it now.

  • 5
    All you need to keep your Naväge organized and clean

    Posted by Joshua D. Aldridge on Jun 26th 2021

    I went far too long without this caddy, and now that I have one, I don't know how I ever did so. It's a perfect size and sturdier than I expected which is always a plus. The best part about it, it lets the Navage dry properly so no more mold issues. I highly recommend this caddy if you are a frequent user.

  • 4
    Good but not perfect

    Posted by David Lewis on Jun 23rd 2021

    Having used the countertop caddy, I find it very useful. But since the product ships with a second nose dock and set of pillows, as well as a cleaning wand, I think the dock should have a place for those. Otherwise, it's great.

  • 5
    Nasal cleaner

    Posted by Benjamin Holland on Jun 4th 2021

    Used my Navaho nasal cleaner and it was very simple and did a good job cleaning my nasal.

  • 5
    Helpful to maintain and organize the machine

    Posted by Jennifer Grimm on May 27th 2021

    Like everything organized and dried out. Helpful. It’s nice that you can remove the pod storage bin off the back for smaller spaces. It’s necessary to keep it dry so bacteria doesn’t grow inside. That’s my opinion.

  • 5
    Solves a problem

    Posted by John R Young Jr. on May 14th 2021

    It's simple, but works amazing. It solved my problem and I would highly recommend it

  • 5
    The perfect companion for the Naväge unit

    Posted by S.G. Duncan on May 13th 2021

    Excellent vertical stack arrangement that allows for air circulation. I felt that the arrangement of the unit parts was intuitive. The rack offers a stable place for all the Navage unit parts instead of having them spread out laterally or jenga stacked to air dry. Reassembly of the Navage unit is easiest going top down. Remove the upper tank from the rack, then the power unit. Attach the upper tank to the top of the power unit. Remove the lower tank from the rack and attach to the bottom of the power unit. Remove the nasal dock from the rack and install it on the front of the power unit. The unit is ready to go.

  • 5
    Nice caddy for Naväge

    Posted by Carmine Corino on Apr 15th 2021

    Glad I found this. It keeps my Navage and pods all in one place without taking up so much space on the counter. It's nice an sturdy as well.